Move over ladies, this one is for the men.

Fellas, do you struggle to get Valentine’s Day right? Do you know how to go about spoiling your wife the way she wants you to? Do you also know some of the things you need to avoid?

In this podcast takeover episode, Willie Cisneros speaks about a husband’s guide to surviving Valentine’s Day. Sharing some stories of what he has done in the past, an arrest gone wrong and also some great advice moving forward.

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  • Valentine’s Day is an opportunity
  • Know what your partner likes
  • Willie’s guide for husbands
  • Do it because you want to

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity

Valentine’s Day is one day in the year that you can use as opportunity to show your wife that you love and appreciate her, and show your kids how to care for those you love.

Use this day as an example of how to treat those that you love.

Know what your partner likes

Do not go the standard route and give your partner the standard gifts.

If you want to make a true impression and show them that you care, then buy or take them to the experiences that they love.

It’s going to take communication. It’s going to take you asking – yes, in advance – what do they like? What do they want? … what are some things they would never expect you to do that you can surprise them with? Surprise yourself and do them. (Willie Cisneros)

Willie’s guide for husbands

  • Show affection: some men struggle with showing affection to their wives. Have you asked yourself why, if you do? It’s not unmanly, and it does not make you less strong. Being able to be soft and loving makes you a stronger man and a better husband.
  • Let go of previous Valentine’s Day experiences: had a rough day last year? Let it go. Do not be afraid to keep trying, and do something different. It is about making the effort to get to know your wife and to celebrate loving her. Make that a continual effort.
  • The best thing you can do is to plan: do some research and make a plan. Organize something that you and your wife would both enjoy doing. Remember to keep her desires in mind, and do not be afraid to make her the center of the day. If she sees you focusing on her, then she will be more likely to focus on you too.

The bottom line is that there are no excuses, you gotta have something. We’re looking for progress over perfection. Don’t try to make it perfect and be down on yourself. Have a plan … always have a backup plan too. (Willie Cisneros)

  • Don’t break the bank but don’t be a cheapskate: you do not have to go all out on the money, but do try to make an effort to spoil her.
  • Ask her what she would like to do: have an idea of the things that she would like, and then surprise her with a handful of those.

Do it because you want to

Spoil and surprise her because you want to. Do not go into it expecting something from her.

If there is something that you would like as well, communicate that.

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