Have you ever been in a situation with family where you felt you were being treated in a way that made you sad or hurt and you wanted to speak up, instead, you kept quiet and let them treat you the way they want? Let me ask you…Do you struggle with setting boundaries with your in-laws? Does fear of conflict or rejection keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns and relationships with people in your life?

I am excited for today’s podcast as every day I hear from women how they just let the people in their lives, even the ones closest to them, treat them how they want and in turn, you compromise yourself and your happiness. So I am going to discuss how boundaries can help and empower you and how they can strengthen your relationships?

In This Podcast


  • What is a boundary?
  • Setting the boundary
  • Things will not change unless things change

What is a boundary?

A boundary is basically how you tell people how to behave; what is okay, and what is not okay, that’s a boundary. (Veronica Cisneros)

You can set boundaries with anyone: your parents, in-laws, your partner, your children, and your friends.

These are the parameters that you give to people on how you would like to be treated, and what is unacceptable to you.

Remember, boundaries are not rules.

Setting the boundary

1 – Identify the category under which your boundary falls: physical, time, emotional, financial, environmental, parenting, etc.

2 – Figure out why this boundary is important for you: why is this boundary important for you? Do you feel overwhelmed, taken advantage of, or not respected?

You want to be clear and understand why this boundary is so important to you. (Veronica Cisneros)

3 – Which fears do you have about setting this boundary? Some people feel afraid to set boundaries because they fear rejection, or conflict, or they are not used to putting themselves first.

Boundaries are vital for us to have healthy and emotionally connected relationships, and they also establish trust … and confidence. (Veronica Cisneros)

4 – What is the consequence of someone not respecting your boundary? Think of a genuine and real consequence that you are willing to follow through with, can enact, and will stick.

5 – How will you follow through with the consequence that you set? In essence, how are you going to respect your own boundary? You have to show up for yourself.

Things will not change unless things change

If in your daily life you are feeling overwhelmed, maxed out, and resentful, you need to set more boundaries.

If your life is not going in the way you want it to then you need to make changes because nothing will change until something is different.

Ladies, I know that it is very difficult for you to set boundaries. People don’t want us to set boundaries because we’re saying no to them when they’re so accustomed to us pleasing and appeasing and bending over backward to meet their needs. (Veronica Cisneros)

Develop healthy conversations and healthy relationships and get over the fear that may be driving your decisions.

Boundaries help to empower you and eradicate the fear that keeps you stuck doing things that are not for you to always do.

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