Do you feel that you have gifts of perception? Or do you suspect that your child may be psychic or highly sensitive? Are you ready for something totally different?

In this podcast episode, I talk with Bronwyn Jane about unleashing and connecting with your gifts and how to recognize if you have this gift. This podcast is so different from what I normally do, but it is really good and Bronwyn totally did a live reading on me and brought some of my loved ones through.

Meet Bronwyn Jane

Unleash and Connect with your Gifts: a Guide with Medium Bronwyn Jane | EU 125

Bronwyn Jane has been aware of her connection to the spirit world since she was eight years old. In 2017, after over ten years of training with some of Australia’s leading metaphysical teachers and world-renowned Psychic Mediums, Bronwyn embraced her ability professionally.

Bronwyn’s readings are both evidential and insightful. Whilst she thoroughly enjoys meeting your loved ones in Spirit, the purpose of her readings is to organically guide YOU in illuminating your path forward in alignment with your soul.

Visit her website. Connect on Facebook, Instagram, and follow her podcast here.

In This Podcast


  • Becoming aware of your gifts
  • Parenting a highly sensitive child
  • Listen to those clusters of memories

Becoming aware of your gifts

Quite often our abilities will show up in our world as an awareness, and that’s one of my favorite words because it is that. We may know things, and there’s no logical reason why we know something is going to happen before it happens. (Bronwyn Jane)

You can become better accustomed to your gifts when you realize it is that pre-knowing of things before they happen, which is because your intuition is strong and alive.

You may even hear things that others don’t, or see things in your peripheral vision that others do not.

It’s just that our physical senses are heightened more than other peoples, and this is how it generally shows up. (Bronwyn Jane)

If you have some of these gifts, you may be more sensitive than other people, and your senses may be quite a lot more heightened than those of other people.

You may be far more empathetic and feel many emotions around you. If this resonates with you, then you need to check in with yourself and ask, “Is this mine, or am I feeling it when it belongs to someone else?”

Parenting a highly sensitive child

Psychic children will behave differently from other children in their early years, up until adolescence when they learn more.

  • Young kids are driven by emotions because they have not learned about rationality and logic yet

With children, it depends on their age, but we know that children arrive in this world already translating energy because they can’t yet communicate and they can’t understand what you are saying, they are picking up on energy straight away because that’s their way of communicating. (Bronwyn Jane)

  • They may have heightened senses and may look as if they cannot concentrate when meanwhile they are concentrating on something else you cannot perceive
  • They will be emotional because they will go into a space like adults do but not be able to work out why they are feeling what they are feeling
  • They may be interested in things beyond their years and developmental level
  • They want to learn and pursue knowledge
  • They may struggle with sleep issues because they can interact with the spirit world and social issues at school because they may find their peers boring

There’s a lot of extra parenting that you need to do with a sensitive child to allow them to manage this world and to be able to make the connections that they need to. (Bronwyn Jane)

Ask questions and do not make assumptions. Even though you cannot see or hear something does not mean that it does not exist.

Listen to those clusters of memories

If you experience flashes or sudden clusters of memories from someone you love whom you lost, it may be them trying to communicate with you.

If you feel that you can sense them, smell them, or feel their presence around you in a loving way, then acknowledge them.

Remember that you do not walk alone. You have your guides and loved ones with you who care for and protect you.

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