Your partner is shouting at the kids again, he thinks it’s parenting, but it makes you cringe the way he talks to them. When he is done, you are left mending little hearts and picking up all the pieces. Why does he have to be so mean, why does he have to yell?

Sound familiar Mama?

Does your partner’s parenting style differ from yours? If yes, then now what? What can you both do to get back on the same side and parent your kids together?

In this podcast episode, I talk all about how to identify how your past may be impacting the way you are parenting and how to parent on the same page again. Grab some pen and paper, we are about to do some work!

In This Podcast


  • You may not be doing it right either
  • What is keeping you from being on the same team?
  • Be curious! Get to know your partner
  • The last step: create a plan

You may not be doing it right either

It is easy to point the finger and show how the other person is doing something wrong. Have you considered the same for yourself? When you question other people’s methods, have you also made sure to assess and question your own?

We end up positioning our partner as the enemy, as the threat, as this monster. (Veronica Cisneros)

Ultimately, you are both on the same team. You both want what is best for your kids even though you are doing it a little differently.

What is keeping you from being on the same team?

  • Often, your past can creep up and get involved in your parenting style.

We tend to be extreme and we follow the familiar, right? And when things don’t work out and we try to do the complete opposite of what our parents did, for some reason or another, we find ourselves back in that loop doing the same damn thing. (Veronica Cisneros)

  • Reflect on how you were loved as a child, how your parents supported you, how you were disciplined, who you went to when you were scared, who you sought comfort from, and how it was received.
  • Once you have thought of these questions, assess whether you may be recreating your childhood.
  • Additionally, have your husband think of these questions because they are almost definitely coming up for him in his parenting style as well.

Remember, our goal as a team – as mother and father – is to connect with our children, to guide them. To teach them, to be there for them, to love them, but that can become a bit skewed especially when we’re triggered. (Veronica Cisneros)

What did you learn about parenting from your parents?


Be curious! Get to know your partner

I want you to make time and invest in your relationship. Find out more information about your partner and learn more about them. (Veronica Cisneros)

Set aside time to be intentional with your partner.

Get to know them! Be curious about who they are, like you were when you were dating.

I want you to listen. I truly want you to listen to understand, because that is the key, listening to understand the information that’s being given to you. (Veronica Cisneros)

Ask questions to understand and ask questions for clarity.

Remove the ego and judgments from the conversation and allow that open, compassionate space to encompass both of you.

The last step: create a plan

Once you and your partner have delved into the depths, now comes the last – and important – piece, create a parenting plan together.

What skills did you learn from your parents that you want to incorporate with your children? And which skills do you want to work on not repeating?

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