You are at it again, he is reprimanding the kids and you want to step in and tell him the ‘right’ way to do it. You cringe each time he tries to discipline the kids and this just starts an argument. This has caused such tension in your relationship that you rarely make time for each other anymore.

I am sure you can relate to this right?

Mama,  do make time with your partner to work on your relationship? Have you ever undermined your partner in front of your kids? Do you know how to self-regulate and self-validate your emotions?

In this week’s podcast episode, I will be talking about a very hot topic…Parenting and the 5 common mistakes we make. Pull up a chair Mom and Dad, it’s time to listen and learn. You got this!

In This Podcast


  • The refusal to work on the marriage
  • Setting unrealistic expectations for your partner
  • Undermining each other’s parenting styles
  • Positioning your child in the middle of the relationship
  • The inability to self-regulate and avoiding conflict

The refusal to work on the marriage

The only thing that sets you apart from a divorced couple or a relationship that has ended is that the divorced couple has no longer acknowledges or recognizes the value of the relationship. (Veronica Cisneros)

Your marriage is – in some ways – the root of your family. Your kids, your friends, and your relationships build around it in many ways.

If something on the outside is struggling, perhaps if you and your partner are often fighting about parenting or the children, then go inwards because your marriage may need some work.

If you stop making time for your relationship, you are on the path of disregarding the value of the connection that you have with your partner.

Remember, your kids are always watching you and your partner as the example. (Veronica Cisneros)

Setting unrealistic expectations for your partner

Do you force your partner to fit the expectation of what you think is the best version for them to show up as a parent? Are you projecting your ideas of the world onto them?

How are you asking your husband to show up as a father? … What are your expectations? Is he supposed to be a quiet father? Is he supposed to be a father who listens? (Veronica Cisneros)

Consider your childhood, and what you grew up seeing. Are you maybe expecting your husband to be the father that you didn’t have as a child?

Look at yourself too when you critique your partner and think about where you could also improve.


Undermining each other’s parenting styles

Do you undermine your partner’s parenting styles in front of your kids? Realize that both you and your partner are going to make mistakes sometimes, and that’s okay!

What is more important is that you can repair the damage, and take steps for it to not happen again in the future.

Remember that you are a team. It is you and your partner against the problem and not the other way around.

Positioning your child in the middle of the relationship

Are you asking your child for advice about your partner? Are you bringing your child into the relationship and positioning your partner as the enemy? (Veronica Cisneros)

You cannot bring your child into your marriage.

In the long run – and more importantly – bringing your child into your marriage issues and getting them to join you against your partner will damage your child and the relationship that they have with their other parent.

The inability to self-regulate and avoiding conflict

Being able to process through your own emotions and really honing in on what you’re experiencing emotionally and self-validating is so big! You are then modeling that for your children. (Veronica Cisneros)

When you learn how to self-regulate, you teach your children that even though emotions are big and daunting, you can control them, and work with them.

If you run away from your own emotions, then you likely cannot handle conflict in a healthy manner, which models that behavior to your children and repeats the cycle.

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