Do you limit yourself based on what people think of you or say to you? What is the life that you want to create for yourself? Do you believe that you are capable and that your dreams are possible?

Ladies, I am very excited to have Colleen on the podcast. Colleen shares her stories with us on how she overcame an eating disorder and mastered kettles bells and that’s just to name a few. In this podcast episode, we talk all about how to overcome your limiting beliefs and live your best life.

Meet Colleen Conlon

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Colleen Conlon | EU 139

Colleen is a virtual kettlebell specialist and entrepreneur that specializes in helping women overcome limiting beliefs by mastering kettlebells. An eating disorder survivor, two-time Guinness World Record Holder for heaviest weight lifted via Turkish get-up, and most recently a published author for her new book Kettlebell Catalyst.

Colleen is the person you go to when you need to start believing in the phrase, “Yes. I. Can!”

Connect with her on her website and Instagram.

In This Podcast


  • Do what you want to do
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Ask for help

Do what you want to do

The real growth that came from this was realizing that yes, I can, but just because I can doesn’t mean I have to keep doing it. (Colleen Conlon)

Just because you can doesn’t mean that you have to.

You can choose to conduct your life as you please, and you don’t have to do it in ways that benefit others or make you appear a certain way.

Celebrate your achievements

Don’t let your motivation be fueled by proving someone right – or wrong!

You can celebrate your achievements and know that they have value, despite other people taunting or teasing you to push harder or to do more.

In receiving those comments, I needed to give myself grace to realize that I already did what I set out to accomplish, and I don’t need to make my whole life about continuing to keep a title or getting it back. (Colleen Conlon)

Ask for help

Even though your success comes from you, your efforts, and your perseverance, you must and should ask for help when it is needed.

No person is an island, and success is not more genuine or well-earned if you never asked for assistance.

Everything has happened the way it has because I accepted help, and then I started asking for more of it, instead of closing myself off from other people. (Colleen Conlon)

There is power and grace in asking people for help, so do not let that stop you. Even Guinness World Record holders need help, and ask for it!

Books mentioned:

Colleen Conlon – Kettlebell Catalyst: The Exercise Guide for Women to Build Strength, Lean Muscle, and Self Confidence to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

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