Are you in your 40s? Can you hack your genetic blueprint to turn back the biological clock? What are some simple changes that you can do to dramatically improve your lifestyle and overall health?

Ladies, I am so excited about today’s guest. We all need to turn back 10 years, right? Who better to tell us the secrets than my guest, Larisa Petrini. In this episode, Larisa and I talk all about how to stop your biological clock and find out the 10 things that are robbing you of your youth.

Meet Larisa Petrini

How to stop the biological clock, 10 things that is robbing your youth with Larisa Petrini | EU143

Larisa Petrini is an Age Reversal Expert and Epigenetic specialist known for turning back the clock 10 years.

She is the founder of BODYOLOGY, a proprietary system designed to help high-performing women reverse their age and sizzle with energy and confidence in their midlife years.

Hundreds of high-achieving women have sought her help to get back in shape, overcome chronic fatigue, solve dry and sagging skin and deal with moods and hormonal imbalances.

She is currently working with celebrities and physicians from Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the US and shares her knowledge as a contributor for Thrive Global, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Forbes, and Shape magazines.

Connect with her on her website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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In This Podcast


  • You can turn back the biological clock
  • Your body is programmed by your genetics
  • The 10 things robbing your youth
  • Larisa’s solutions

You can turn back the biological clock

What you do from an epigenetic perspective can be a game-changer.

Larisa’s lab can do extensive testing to find out exactly how your body works, and how you can adapt your lifestyle to get yourself living and thriving at an optimum level.

They test:

  • How your body reacts to certain foods and macronutrients
  • How your body absorbs different vitamins and minerals

We turn back the clock, but we turn back the biological clock, not the chronological clock, turning back your biological age. (Larisa Petrini)

Your technical age doesn’t matter as long as you feel good, energized, and ready for life!

Your body is programmed by your genetics

This amazing machine – your body – is programmed by your genes, whether you like it or not. Many of the adaptations that helped our ancestors survive are now making us unhealthy. (Larisa Petrini)

You can press the right buttons and get the shortcuts once you know what’s going on in your body.

Bloodwork analysis can help you to get a sense of what’s happening in your body, but epigenetics testing is what tells you how your body works, and how you can best take care of it.

What is epigenetics exactly? They are the genes that are activated based on your lifestyle.

Each lifestyle decision you make or take is all about epigenetics. In other words, epigenetics is about what you can influence in your lifestyle so that you don’t turn on those problematic genes you inherited. Epigenetics can help you navigate and turn off or deactivate those problematic genes. (Larisa Petrini)

The 10 things robbing your youth

1 – Putting on and holding onto large amounts of physical weight

2 – Sitting too much

3 – Taking medications mindlessly

4 – Eating too many refined carbs and overly processed foods

5 – Losing muscle mass

6 – Sleeping less or very little

7 – Insufficient vitamin D

8 – Living with stress or in chronically stressful environments

9 – Social isolation

10 – Lacking vision and purpose

You feel like you are in a prison, and you don’t like what you do every day. (Larisa Petrini)

Larisa’s solutions

1 – Stay away from the whites: sugar, flour, and dairy to maintain your weight. Diets don’t work, so don’t look for diets. Maintain a healthy weight by moving regularly and eating wholesome, nutrient-dense foods.

Sugar and flour are both addictive, so it’s not easy, but it’s possible. (Larisa Petrini)

Limit certain types of dairy products because they can increase inflammation.

3 – Prioritize great sleep, and get walking!

Taking care of our sleep is so important. Having a nighttime routine, going to bed at pretty much the same hour, waking up at pretty much the same hour, and catching what I’d like to call the primetime hours, between 10 pm and 2 am. (Larisa Petrini)

If you can add a semi-regular bedtime to your routine accompanied by a 10-minute walk a day, you will be doing your physical, mental, and emotional health a huge service! Your steps are important, even more so than big workouts.

These three strategies would be enough to see significant changes on the scale and in the way you feel. (Larisa Petrini)

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