New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and you know what that means…Resolutions. Do you make them and do you keep them? What about as a couple, have you thought of making couples’ resolutions? Would you create a dream board with your partner for the new year? What is something that you want to develop as a couple?

In this podcast episode, I m joined by my husband, Willie. We talk all about setting couples’ new year’s resolutions and we share some of our own. We also share some great advice for couples. Happy Holiday!


  • What does a new year’s resolution mean to you?
  • Create your dream board!
  • Gottman’s advice for couples

What does a new year’s resolution mean to you?

A new year’s resolution is often a self-made promise to an outcome or something positive of what you want to renew within yourself, something that you want to seek change in. (Willie Cisneros)

Resolutions are often commitments that you make to do things differently in a new year.

You can also think of them as promises that you make with yourself in pursuit of creating the life that you want to live.

Create your dream board!

Grab your husband, a notepad, and a pen! You’re going to create a couple’s new year’s resolution dream board. Below will be some general tips but also set aside some time to create some of your own.

Veronica and Willie’s resolutions:

  • To commit to a date night every Tuesday

If for whatever reason, like I have to cancel or if you have to cancel, that person that has to reschedule has to be in charge of daycare as well as the plans. (Veronica Cisneros)

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s not worth making every disagreement an argument
  • Go on quarterly getaways alone as a couple
  • Make more time for sex and try something new in the bedroom
  • Work out together

When I’m watching you work out, it’s just motivating. You’re in it, I’m in it, and we’re doing something productive together. It’s both of us taking a step toward change but it’s also our own personal journey. (Veronica Cisneros)

  • A 20-minute stress-reducing conversation once a day with your partner
  • Make out each time we greet or say goodbye to each other – with tongue!

That was one of the things I had said to myself a long time ago, was, “I don’t want there to be a day that goes by where I leave and the last moment that I had to see you, I left it on bad terms or we were upset”, because we don’t know when our time’s going to be gone. (Willie Cisneros)

  • Let go of old grudges or disagreements

Gottman’s advice for couples

The magic six hours:

1 – When saying goodbye, spend two minutes a day, five days a week, developing a ritual to make parting extra special

2 – Spend 20 minutes a day having a stress-reducing conversation at the end of each work day, five days a week

3 – Communicate appreciation for your partner, five minutes a day, seven days a week

4 – Spend five minutes a day touching, kissing, or holding your partner, and do this seven days a week

5 – Go on date nights that last a minimum of two hours once a week

6 – Meet for one hour a week to talk about your relationship

You want to continue to be good with your partner? Do you want your kids to have parents when they grow up? Both parents when they grow up? Then, hell yes! Investing six hours a week in your marriage is important! (Veronica Cisneros)

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