As a busy mom, are you struggling to stay on top of the to-do list? Are you finding to increasingly difficult to schedule in that much-needed time for yourself? How can you organize your time with work and home responsibilities to create more time for you?

In this podcast episode, Veronica Cisneros speaks about how to create a stress-free week with Toni-Ann Mayembe.

Meet Toni-Ann Mayembe

Toni-Ann MayembeToni-Ann is a full-time general dentist and a reservist in the Navy. In addition, she is the blogger and podcaster at Real Happy Mom. A space for moms to find inspiration and encouragement for this journey called motherhood. Her mission is to help moms overcome overwhelm, parent on their own terms, and know that they are more than enough.

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In This Podcast


  • Decision fatigue and putting tasks off
  • Trying new things to remind yourself of what you enjoy doing
  • How do moms take the first step to reclaim their time?
  • The power of efficiency

Decision fatigue and putting tasks off

I found that I was doing that. I would put things off and not making a decision, putting things off to another day thinking that I would get to it and I really wasn’t. So, I found that preparing, especially on a Sunday can help make it go a lot smoother during the week.

Many working parents struggle with decision fatigue – many lie in bed in the morning, already making 50 decisions before the day has already begun. You can curb this stress and mental fatigue by creating a routine that will support you.

To stop the decision fatigue, you set up a routine system that you can rely on when things become difficult. Using a Sunday to prep for the week will allow you to be more prepared for each day and task as it comes, and will free up mental space for you to focus on sudden to-dos.

  • Plan clothes: take some time on a Sunday to organize your clothes for the week so that, when you are really busy, you can just get up and get ready without having to look for that one shoe for 20 minutes.
  • Plan dinner: If you do not have the time or capacity to do full meal preps in advance, write down on a piece of paper what you will be having Monday through Friday. This will also allow you to organize what you may need to buy in advance, and will remove that extra sudden stress at the end of the day when the family asks you the inevitable ‘what’s for dinner?’
  • Clean out your purse: Get rid of all the stuff that you do not need in there at the end of each week and put in what you do need and what you will use.

Trying new things to remind yourself of what you enjoy doing

Before you even plan out what you’re gonna do as far as like, what day you’re gonna go shopping for groceries and all those things, make time for yourself. Map out when you’re going to do things for yourself before you make time for anybody else.

Spend some time reminding yourself of what you enjoy doing. This does not mean to ignore other people’s needs in your family, but for you to make time for yourself in those free moments because they can fill up so quickly. Outside of your responsibilities as a parent, partner, and business owner, there is time that is leftover and be sure to snap that up before it gets filled up with everything and everyone else.

How do moms take the first step to reclaim their time?

You have to make time for yourself. The kids will be okay for an hour if you need to take a long walk or, you know, do a yoga class. Whatever it is that lights you up and excites you.

Make intentional and active decisions to insert yourself into your to-do list as well.

Figure out what it is that you want to do for yourself. If you are no longer sure what that is, pick something on Skillshare or try a new course to actively reignite those sparks of creativity and self-interest.

Try waking up before the children or before your responsibilities kick in for the day so that you have some time alone to get yourself into the headspace you want to be in for the day.

Involve your children in the routine process. Teach them to pick out their clothes along with you so that they will become accustomed to doing it themselves, which ultimately gives you more time to yourself. Involving them in the routine process will also teach them valuable lessons about boundaries and respecting someone else’s routine.

The power of efficiency

Life happens and things can pile up on the calendar quite quickly. This is where the routine system becomes valuable because once you create the routine and stick to it, it will become a habit that you do not think twice about and you will become more efficient yourself.

Connect your preparation for the week to daily tasks and activities to create a habit out of it. Think in the morning that after you have brushed your teeth you will layout your clothes for the week and so forth, and after a long enough time this will form a habit that you will do without noticing.

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