Are you stuck in a place in your life that you are wanting to get out of? What principles should you keep under your belt for when things get difficult to encourage you through? How can you keep moving through difficult patches, time, and time again?

In this podcast episode, Veronica Cisneros speaks with Hilary DeCesare about relaunching your life.

Meet Hilary DeCesare

Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning entrepreneur, Executive Coach, CEO of The ReLaunch Co., featured speaker in the Silicon Valley and women’s conferences nationwide, as well as a philanthropist in The Bay Area. She’s made it her commitment to help people reach new heights in life, their career, and relationships.

Having faced several setbacks herself, she has a unique understanding of how to help others by providing actionable steps to successfully ReLaunch.

You might have caught Hilary on ABC’s The Secret Millionaire or you have seen her speak on major news outlets such as CBS, ABC, Fox, Huffington Post, and Yahoo. She redefined hybrid learning with her transitional coaching/classes offered by The ReLaunch Co. and The ReLaunch Collective.

As a mother to 3, step-mother to 2, and wife to her amazing husband, life is filled with an abundance of joy for Hilary.

Visit Hilary’s website. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. Listen to the podcast here.

In This Podcast


  • Getting to the place of wanting to shift
  • The meaning behind RELAUNCH

Getting to the place of wanting to shift

If and when you need a shift to happen, you need to get to a place of liking yourself first, liking first to love later.

  • Look at the fear that comes up when you think that you are incapable or when a change you want to make seems unattainable and examine what lies behind the fear. You cannot get to where you want to go without having a heading a direction. You need to envision yourself in order to know in which direction to take the first step.
  • When you encounter discomfort and know that you must decide between stepping into the future or retreating back into normality or comfort, you are at the place, envision your future self, and try your best to step forward instead of backward.

The meaning behind RELAUNCH

R: Reset.

E: Energy, and being aware of both positive and negative energy.

You are in charge of the energy you put out into the things that are around you.

L: Loving yourself. In those hard moments, it can be difficult to love yourself. Look at the love to yourself with gentleness instead of another thing to tick off the to-do list. Appreciate what is going on around you and give yourself kindness instead of impatience.

A: Acknowledge where you are. You have come through many mini relaunches throughout your life, from child to teenager into adulthood. You have done this before, and you will be able to do it again. When you acknowledge where you are now, you bear witness to your past selves and their hard work and you show yourself compassion.

Appreciate and acknowledge that you are who you are because of every single thing that goes on.

U: Understanding that you are an amalgamation of all your past selves and now, in the present moment, it is your time to move forward. Remember that when you feel stuck, one of your past selves had managed to also move forward during difficult times – draw courage from your past selves.

N: Next Step and taking the smallest step to keep you moving forward.

C: Creator, you are the creator and you can rebuild your confidence and self-image from the ground up again. You are the creator of what you want more in your life.

H: Happiness is something you already have inside of you. It does not exist externally.

The concept of ‘RELAUNCH’ is love-based, not fear-based.

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Meet Veronica Cisneros

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