How much can a change of mindset shift your life? What can you do to attract people who you really want to work with, and who really want to work with you? Are you validating yourself and your successes?

In this podcast episode, Veronica Cisneros speaks with Kathy Goughenour about how she created a million-dollar business

Meet Kathy Gougenhour

After finding the courage to say “bye-bye” to her corporate marketing career, Kathy Goughenour built a 6-figure Virtual Assistant business from her tiny house in the middle of a forest.

Today, she teaches professional women how to create their own work-at-home Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert® businesses so they too can enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and financial security they desire and deserve.

Visit Kathy’s website and connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

In This Podcast


  • Let go of the ego
  • How can you ‘pivot’ in your life?
  • Not letting your partner discourage you
  • Kathy’s advice to overwhelmed moms

Let go of the ego

Let go of thinking about how to make yourself look the best to everyone. Draw the right people in by being authentic in how you market yourself and what your passion is, instead of feeling like the toughest and most important person in the room. More often than not, people want to work with people, not accomplishments.

They don’t want you to talk about yourself – they want you to care about them and to ask them questions and to care about them and be curious about them, and that’s the same with business owners. That’s the same with everybody, that’s how people are … if you’re willing to work with them and help solve their problems, they’re willing to work with you all day long. (Kathy)

How can you ‘pivot’ in your life?

Some people put this off by saying that they do not want to ‘start over’, but you are never completely starting over because you build everything new from all the knowledge and experience that you already have, you are continuing.

  • Take it one step at a time. Work with a 90-day period, for example, and once you finish those 90 days, reevaluate your progress and enjoy your new, building confidence and then plot the next 90-days. Look at it step by step, instead of the whole process at one glance.
  • Stop relying only on external validation. Give yourself the confidence, the permission, and the validation that you need to start doing the things you want, because you will not find the validation externally.

A shift in mindset can be more powerful than you think.

Not letting your partner discourage you

Stand up for yourself and be very clear on what you need. Your partner will not know how to support you unless you tell them how to, and unless you put in the boundaries. You need to be on your side.

It is not your place to make your partner feel needed or validated, that is not your burden to carry.

Kathy’s advice to overwhelmed moms

Allow yourself to daydream. Let your mind wander, get creative and imagine that ideal life and do not stop at what is or isn’t possible – just let your fantasy develop. Then start thinking what you can do to recreate that feeling from your daydream in your reality.

Find a community that will celebrate you and encourage you. Once you know what you want, it is so much easier to go for it and work on creating it.

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