How can finding the time to brushing your teeth lead to you finding the time to exercise? What meaningful change can happen in your life in three months? Leave the quick fix, what about a quick win?

In this podcast episode, Veronica Cisneros speaks with Cathy Richards about having a fresh start to being forever fit.

Meet Cathy Richards

Cathy is an exercise physiologist, wellness coach, and author of the Bestseller “BOOM: 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life”. She helps women lose weight, gain energy, and STICK to a home exercise plan that works for them! Her specialty area is small changes that deliver big results and key mindset shifts that motivate you to make valuable lifestyle changes right now!

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In This Podcast


  • Compelling motivator
  • Helping women change their dysfunctional patterns
  • What to do after you have been putting yourself last on the to-do list
  • Careful with the quick fixes but go for the quick wins

Compelling motivator

Full compelling motivation comes in two parts:

  • It doesn’t have to be all or none: a lot of sudden motivational bouts are characterized by creating massive plans that are too daunting to instill into daily life and often leave you where you started. Even though more might be better than less, some is better than none because that ‘some’ gets you going and helps you build momentum.
  • Finding your personal motivator: this is the place you reach where you think “I can’t afford not to do it”.

Helping women change their dysfunctional patterns

Cathy’s focus is helping women create home-based workout routines that fit into their daily lifestyle routine and needs. This is because working out at home requires no extra effort that going to the gym might require, and so working out at home encourages women from any starting point to get the ball rolling.

The main physical changes happen through weight training. Most women feel more comfortable with cardio, although maintaining proper physical strength is only really maintained through working with weights.

The average person loses half their leg strength by the time they’re 85 – half! … it’s because we become gradually less and less active, that’s where the muscle loss comes from, not from the physiological aging process. In fact, 70% of how we age is due to our lifestyle, so we can change it, we can change the way we age by starting these habits now. (Cathy Richards)

What can you do now that you can still see yourself doing next year? You can wait a long time to get motivated, which is why doing a small action first can spark your mindset to follow instead of waiting for your mindset to come around. It takes baby steps to make meaningful change and coupled with well-meaning accountability, you can go so far.

What to do after you have been putting yourself last on the to-do list

Take baby steps, pick one or two things that are just for you, and start small. For an overall big goal, envision this goal in a year, and break down that goal into priorities that are based on three-month intervals, and then again into weekly based goals. Change can happen in three months.

You can do this too, by checking in with your progress through journaling or keeping track of your progress through writing notes on a whiteboard. Keep it reasonable and small.

Careful with the quick fixes but go for the quick wins

These quick fixes are the fads and the false promises sold to you on infomercials, stay away from these because they are designed for you to fail. Instead, pick the quick wins. These are things like making the right choices, drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, or doing 20 star jumps just as you get out of bed.

Quick wins get your endorphins going and they are small actions you take by making the right, quick choices.

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BOOM: 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life

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Meet Veronica Cisneros

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