How does your behavior impact your children’s self-perception? If you constantly put yourself last in every situation, what does that teach your children about how they should treat themselves? Can you benefit your relationships by placing a high value on yourself?

In this podcast episode, Veronica Cisneros speaks with her girls about self-worth and the consequences of putting yourself last.

Meet the Girls: Aaliyah, Aubrey & Brooklyn

Aaliyah a.k.a Lizard Leggz is 18 years old and absolutely loves fashion and design. She is currently attending college and working on her own business ideas.

Aubrey is 13 going on 14 by the time this episode airs. She is known as Porcupine, she is currently in cheer and is intrigued by the law. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up.

Brooklyn, aka Monkey feet, is 10 going on 21. She is our engineer, fascinated by robots and legos. She is always creating. These three are completely different however, they have the same love and compassion for others.

In This Podcast


  • Why do you always put other people first?
  • This behavior is cyclical
  • How does putting your needs first benefit your relationship?

Why do you always put other people first?

Ladies, the reason why you always put other people first… Do you wan to know the truth? It’s because you’re scared. If I do not have my kids or my husband to tend to, then that means I actually have to face my fears.

When you choose to neglect your value, it is a sign that you’re lacking confidence, and a lack of self-worth but you are worth so much more than that. Are the burdens from other people things that you really need to carry?

When you place boundaries around yourself, focus on what matters in your life, and support people with their issues instead of shouldering them yourself, you do a service to them and to yourself.

You are no good to anybody when you are drowning. If you allow other people’s needs to go ahead and trump yours, what you’re telling them is ‘I no longer matter, you matter more than me.’ If that’s the case, I want you to think about what you’re modeling for your daughters and your sons, think about the types of relationships they’re going to have.

This behavior is cyclical

These types of relationships are generational because we learn these patterns and behaviors from our parents and their relationships to themselves as well as to one another.

This is why it is important to break the cycle and create new, healthier relationship patterns to model for your children instead of passing down generational trauma and patterns.

How does putting your needs first benefit your relationship?

Having your own life, friends, goals, and routines that add value to your being will mean that you are not dependent on your partner as your only source of life value.

In this way, you will not need your partner for survival, you will only want them to be in your life because you care for them, instead of being totally dependent on them.

It is not the other person’s fault that you do not make yourself a priority, it is entirely your choice to put them constantly before you.


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