How can journaling help you feel grounded? Do you feel guilty and not give yourself permission to dream? How can prioritizing yourself help you set a good example for your kids?

In this podcast episode, I speak with Stephanie Clarisse about giving yourself permission to dream big in 4 steps and letting go of the mom guilt.

Meet Stephanie Clarisse

Stephanie is the 500 Seconds To Joy podcast host, personal development coach for Christian moms, encourager of women, success coach for Christian podcasters, a champion for intentional and focused family life, & writer of Christian devotional reflections.

She loves to help Christian mamas by encouraging and equipping them to pursue God, discover their calling in this season, & pursue their passions with joy and intention. Stephanie also loves helping Christian women find their unique voice in the podcasting world by giving them the strategies and guidance to launch their podcast and sustain that podcast with joy, ease, simplicity, and intentionality.

Visit her website and connect on Instagram. Listen to Stephanie’s podcast here.

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In This Podcast


  • Journaling
  • 4 steps to creating your dreams
  • Advice to overwhelmed moms


As a busy mother, do not put journaling on your to-do list as another chore to get to. Let it remain as something fun that you do in your downtime for yourself. Keep a pen and paper on hand for when an idea comes to your mind, and keep it interesting.

You can use journaling as a personal archive to look back onto over the years and see how far you have come and to notice patterns, perhaps you will see a trend develop and from that trend understand a passion of your own that you can act on and create into something bigger.

Stephanie’s journaling prompt:

  • “What gives you energy? What energizes you?”

You could also ask yourself what drains you, is it exciting and interesting to discuss, what lights a spark in you.

Those kinds of things are really good indicators of where your gifting is, because the energy [means] you’re tapping into something within yourself that is there and God wants to bring it out. (Stephanie Clarisse)

4 steps to creating your dreams

1 – Let go of the guilt and allow yourself permission to have dreams and goals: Work on the mindset that you are a whole person, you are just the roles you play.

You’re not just a mom you are a person, you’re a whole person and ‘mom’ is a role you play that is very important … but remember that you can give yourself permission to dream and that’s okay. (Stephanie Clariss)

2 – Find and create the right space: Everybody’s life is different so you will have to figure out what this space looks and feels like for yourself and be protective of this space.

3 – Do it! Make it happen: Things will stand in your way regardless of your intention and so you need to fortify your discipline and willpower to commit to doing it, even for 5 minutes, a day.

If you have girls, you are training them to prioritize themselves, and don’t you wish that every woman, every mom out there knew that she was a priority and that she mattered? This goes for boys too, of course … you want to raise the next generation of moms to feel worthy of alone time. (Stephanie Clarisse)

This is an opportunity to teach the next generation to understand that they can spend time alone because they are worth it and deserve that, and to respect the space and private times of one another.

In this way, we are teaching our children two valuable lessons: self-actualization in solitude and respect the boundaries of other people’s solitude.

4 – Don’t forget to ask for help: It is not a weakness because it’s actually a strength.

Advice to overwhelmed moms

Know that you are not alone and know that you have the power the change it, with God’s help.

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