Does your husband struggle with opening up to you about his emotions? How can you provide a space for him to express himself without letting him feel like you’re mothering him? What can you on your end to create a system of effective, sincere communication?

In this podcast episode, I share 3 tips for talking to your husband when he keeps things bottled in.

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Listen to understand and give him space

If I was patient, if I really really paid attention and really wanted to help, well then I needed to listen to understand. I needed to wait, and so ladies I’m going to tell you to wait. It’s nothing personal [to you], he just doesn’t know [yet] how to trust and be vulnerable so giving him space and letting him know you’re there for him when he’s ready is key to helping him let go of the emotions that he bottles up. (Veronica Cisneros)

Most men aren’t taught how to regulate their emotions and express themselves because from a young age they have been constantly taught to brush it off, man up, and get over it. They do not have the communication skills yet to express themselves.

By providing an open space where they can feel safe to be vulnerable with you and trust that you will not invalidate their emotions, perhaps like people did to them when they were younger, your partner will be able to speak to you about difficult things.

In order to provide this space, practice empathy. Express that you know what they are feeling and when they feel ready to speak to you, they know that you will receive and listen to them without judging or telling them to get over it.

Don’t blame him

In the heat of the moment you may want to express your anger at his lack of expression but do not do this, do not blame him, because he is not doing this out of spite – in a healthy relationship – he simply has not been taught how to express himself.

Most men have their emotions invalidated and were not provided a judgment-free space as a child to feel their emotions. Of course, this compounds into adulthood, and even though it comes as second nature to most women, it is foreign to most men.

This is because women are almost always provided the space to express their emotions whereas men are not given the same opportunity. Therefore, do not blame him.

Stop being so damn defensive!

When you get into a difficult patch with your partner it can cause you to put up your defenses, however, try to keep this to a minimum.

Often, we become defensive because we feel that the argument is a personal attack on us, however, it is often just a misunderstanding.
By processing our emotions together and regulating our response to the conflict, we can keep our defenses to a minimum and actually listen to one another instead of being obsessed with being right.

Ladies, your men will open up to you as long as you put your damn guard down too. You can’t expect him to open up and say all these things if your damn guard is up, he’s not going to do it … it’s not going to happen because there is no trust. (Veronica Cisneros)

Letting our guards down is an act of expressing mutual trust. It shows that couples trust one another to be raw and real with one another and know that their partner won’t turn around with judgment and ridicule.

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