I see you Mama, the one spinning all those plates, trying to make the “perfect” environment for your family. The one with the schedule and the to-do list that is actually impossible to reach? Do you put some much pressure on yourself that you find yourself taking responsibility for things that are not yours to take?

Do you find yourself moving throughout your day without self-awareness and attention to how you feel? Do you often wish for a few moments of silence just so that you can gather your thoughts?

Yip, me too!! That’s why I am so excited to have Ken Kladouris as our guest. In this podcast episode, Ken tells us wives, why it’s important to slow down and be still. Find out how mediation can help you to become a calmer and confident parent.

Meet Ken Kladouris

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Ken Kladouris, an esteemed wealth advisor and a leader in the self-mastery movement. Ken recently developed an online course, Stillness to Success, to help people who are truly ready to make real change in their lives, cut through the noise, find their stillness, and create the success they want in life.

Ken compiled this course with practical and impactful lessons he extracted from years of his own self-study with a spin that is fresh and relevant to the 2021 world we are all experiencing.

Visit his website. Connect on LinkedIn and Instagram. Find his course here. Email Ken at Info@KenKladouris.com

In This Podcast


  • Hurdles to overcome
  • What mothers can do to stop overwhelm
  • Ken’s 3 tips for mothers

Hurdles to overcome

Most moms that I’ve worked with, I feel, overthink things … because they want to control more of the situation in family life … and then they feel this responsibility to have to do everything. (Ken Kladouris)

Many mothers and wives want to make the “perfect” environments for their families, which is a good deed to aim for, however, it is not possible to reach. Constantly putting such a high expectation on yourself can lead you to take responsibility for things that are not yours to take.

Therefore, mothers and wives can curb these incessant thoughts of wanting to control everything by being in stillness.

If we could just stop the thoughts … everything else will loosen up, you’ll have better relationships with everybody around you and be happier. It’s all about stopping that repeating thought. (Ken Kladouris)

Meditation and stillness are helpful because they give you a pause to look at the thoughts, observe them, and discern which ones are truly necessary and good versus those that are based on unrealistic expectations.

What mothers can do to stop overwhelm

20 minutes of daily meditation has been proven to be a life-changer.

I truly do believe that no matter your circumstance or what is going on in your life, if you can find your stillness, your whole life will change. (Ken Kladouris)

If your schedule cannot accommodate 20 minutes of mediation to start with, go smaller to begin. Try five minutes.

Look at your schedule and commit to yourself by carving out five minutes of your time to dedicate to yourself – it is an act of self-respect and self-love to make this time an intentional time for your well-being.

Ken’s 3 tips for mothers

1 – Be fully present in what you are doing.

2 – Find YouTube videos that can help you start mediating from scratch.

3 – Start where you are with what you have and do what you can.

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