Do you sometimes look at your life and think…all of this is not all that? You have everything you ever wanted…You have the house, the dog, the kids, the life you always dreamt of, yet, deep down inside you are still unhappy. Do your days go on and on and you feel as if something is missing? Do you feel unseen, unsupported, and unappreciated?

Have you ever wondered how you get to real joy? Do you wish you knew what to do to go inward and find that inner joy and find fulfillment? Are you afraid of change?

I am super excited to have Donna Bond on the podcast today. In this podcast episode, Donna helps us with 4 ways to get moving and get unstuck in our lives.

Meet Donna Bond


Donna Bond is a Catalyst for Personal Transformation a Spiritual Life and
Business Coach and Author of Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You.

After 28-years in corporate land, she enrolled herself in a master’s program in Spiritual Psychology which changed her life from the inside out.

Visit her website. Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Find her Freebie here – Class on 4 ways to get unstuck.

In This Podcast


  • Be inward to be fully yourself outward
  • You get what you give
  • Getting to joy
  • Donna’s 4 steps to getting moving
  • Donna’s advice to overwhelmed mothers

Be inward to be fully yourself outward

Life is seeking to express itself through you into the world, which means that you are inherently creative to allow life to pass through you and be refracted in different ways through your personality.

Therefore, to live from the outside in, it is nearly impossible to find fulfillment by looking on the outside.

To resonate with you who are, and to connect with your potential, you need to work from the inside and live out into the world instead of expecting the world on the outside to give you purpose on the inside.

What I have discovered is the creation that life is asking me to do or be is the expression of who I really am … who am I unapologetically? What do I have to say? (Donna Bond)

You get what you give

You miscreate your life when you misplace your focus. You will get what you put out into the world. If you put out disappointment and dissatisfaction, then you will receive more of it. If you put out gratitude and appreciation, then you will get more of that.

We’re going to get back what we give out … this is a universal law, this is happening all of the time … if we’re giving ourselves to our discontent and the things we’re unhappy about then we’re focusing our energy and intention on what’s not working in our life, then that’s what we’re going to get back. (Donna Bond)

The way to remedy this immediately is to shift your attention and your focus. What brings you joy?

Getting to joy

1 – Stop. Stop trying to get to a different place than the one you are in right now. You cannot chase joy and happiness because you can only truly find and experience them in the present moment.

2 – Provide yourself with the ability to reset. Use the present moment to connect with how you are feeling right now, and take a conscious step towards “you” again. Breathe for a couple of minutes. This can be a sacred act of self-preservation where you take a moment for yourself.

3 – RPM: Rise, pee, meditate. Begin your day by committing to you, to fill your cup, and keep you rested for the day ahead of you.

Donna’s 4 steps to getting moving

1 – Willingness: to make any significant change, you have to be willing to get moving. You have to want it enough to know that you might make mistakes, and will still do it anyway because doing it means that much to you to try.

Be willing to get it wrong, be willing to have egg on your face, be willing to learn something new, be willing to get out of your zone of familiarity. (Donna Bond)

2 – Face your fears: by being willing, you will automatically come up against your fears.

When you face them, you are given two choices; retreat into your comfort zone, or say to your fear, “I see you, acknowledge you, and I know that you are trying to keep me safe”. You can thank your fears, be aware of them, and still do it anyway.

3 – Growth zone: be willing to start again and get it wrong, because, in this zone, you are given opportunities to work on and grow your craft.

4 – Commitment to yourself: this is a place of starting over and demonstrating a commitment to yourself and your work, desires, and dreams.

You know that you may get it wrong, but realizing that making mistakes is a step closer to making success.

Donna’s advice to overwhelmed mothers

You have to put yourself at the top of your to-do list. You can do this in a self-honoring way because by caring for yourself you are better able to care for others.

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Donna Bond – Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You

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