It’s been a long day of taking care of the kid’s needs, the school drop-offs, and pick-us, the lunch and dinner making, the laundry, all of it. You are tired and just need some help…right? You ask your Husband for help and you are met with frustration.

Mama, do you wish your Husband would help more around the house without you having to nag him to do anything? Do you often feel as though you are in a one-sided relationship and feel frustrated when it comes to maintaining the house? Do you wish you had a space for effective communication without always reverting back to yelling at each other?

In this podcast episode, I am joined by my very hands-on Husband, Willie Cisneros. Willie is here to share a man’s perspective on how to get your Husband to help more around the house.

In This Podcast


  • Create an impactful environment
  • Willie and Veronica’s four steps
  • Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself

Create an impactful environment

When you want to talk with your partner, make sure to speak with them in a relatively quiet and non-distracting space so that you can hear and focus on one another.

Avoid speaking with them when you are triggered or upset, because that can impact the value of your words if they get defensive and therefore shut off from hearing you.

Part of it is finding a quiet place, whether it’s after the kids are asleep … [ask], “can we talk? I really have something to talk [about] and discuss with you” … if that’s too late, go on a date. Have a date night and have this conversation over dinner where the mood is meant to be more pleasant. (Willie Cisneros)

Create a space where you both feel neutral, at peace, and able to hear one another. Then, invite them into the conversation by asking them questions to get to understand their perspective.

Willie and Veronica’s four steps

1 – Be mindful of how you may have been part of the dysfunction until now.

2 – Be able to communicate effectively without blame.

3 – Pick a quiet setting to have the conversation.

4 – Be open to hearing other perspectives from your partner about how they see the same situation.

It is impossible to create change for someone else, which can be a difficult lesson to accept.

You have to focus on doing the best you can on your part, and meet your partner halfway because the rest is up to them.

If you are going to do something, just do it because you want to do it, and not with an expectation that something is going to be done in return. If you are doing it for the anticipation that something is going to happen, then it’s a recipe for disaster. (Willie Cisneros)

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Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself

Emotions are powerful, and if you are not aware of them, they can sway your perception of a situation and skew it.

Try to keep an open mind because your partner is as in their thoughts and emotions as you are. the best way to build a bridge towards one another is to be real, honest, open, and kind.

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