Are you trying to balance being a business owner and a parent? Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes and need guidance? What are the steps that you are taking to find balance?

In this podcast episode, Veronica Cisneros speaks with Jessica Tappana about how to balance both your career and family life.

Meet Jessica Tappana

When she had her second child 3 years ago, Jessica decided to follow her dream to open her own private psychotherapy practice. Since then, she’s grown her private practice to include 7 clinicians and a client care coordinator. However, she didn’t stop there.

Jessica learned to optimize her website so her private practice now dominates Google and now she helps other small business owners learn how to use their website to reach their ideal client, serve a wider audience and grow their business. She’s constantly balancing her two businesses, her role as a wife, parenting her two young children & taking care of her own needs.

Visit her SEO website and counseling website.

In This Podcast


  • How to share tasks with a spouse
  • Confidence to speak up about your needs
  • When did you know you made it?
  • Advice for moms who feels stressed and disconnected

How to share tasks with a spouse

We’re okay with each other having their own thing. I think it is important that people have their own things and respect for the other’s independence and have ways that we rely on each other and things that we share in our relationship.

Jessica and her husband are constantly renegotiating the roles, exchanging the tasks, meal preparation, and childcare between the two of them. They each move through periods of change in their careers and communicate these changes with one another so that they can support one another while maintaining their work responsibilities. Taking the time to explicitly communicate schedules and allow for balance so that each person has their needs met both within the family unit and on more individual levels.

Getting to this point may be tricky at first, but like everything, it is a work in progress. Jessica and her husband take time to actively check up on their relationship and assess any issues that may be in the pipelines. The main foundations are really caring for and valuing your partner and being flexible to help one another where needed.

Being interdependent and independent simultaneously; knowing that you both work as a team and in a relationship together while within that, you both have individual identities and passions of your own. You honor that in each other, alongside your shared interests.

Confidence to speak up about your needs

If you just open up a little bit, it can get you so much further than just creating an internal dialogue about what’s going on in your head.

Being vulnerable and being confident share roots in the same foundations. It is a decision and you also get a say in it. Have intimate conversations with your partner and revolve around ‘it’s not just about me but about us’ – and when you feel that you need extra support, communicate that as soon as you can because you are functioning as a unit, the unit is only as strong as its internal members; you and your partners’ communication.

You have to decide if what you have to say is worth it, or that your relationship is worth it. Sometimes its not even thinking about ‘am I worth saying this?’ but is this relationship important enough to me that I don’t wanna let resentment build up.

When did you know you made it?

Jessica talks about there being so many small moments, that there is no singular peak to strive towards. These moments of taking a deep breath and realizing where you are and how much you have achieved are small, fleeting moments.

How to know you have made it? For Jessica and perhaps other working parents, it is when what is important to you is what you are actually doing. Even if it is for 5 minutes or an afternoon, even when it may still be difficult to do, you are enjoying the process of doing it because it is a dream, a passion of yours.

Advice for moms who feels stressed and disconnected

Find one good moment, let go of all the expectations, forget the bigger picture for one afternoon or for 10 minutes even, just focus on the connection or focus on something that feels right.

This could be reading, seeing a friend, going for a long walk. Do something that feels like you and do not think about anything else for a few minutes. Be sure to make space and time for yourself amongst the to-do list.

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