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What are some people-pleasing traits and why is it harming you? How can you be your true authentic self when you are flooded with doubt and insecurities? Why should you put yourself first?

In this podcast episode, Veronica speaks with Tiffany Carter about putting yourself first and figuring out what’s really holding you back.

Meet Tiffany Carter

Tiffany Carter

Tiffany Carter takes the mystery out of making BIG money while doing something you love. She uses a magnetic combination of her clear cut communication style that she developed as a TV news broadcaster for NBC and CBS, her business savvy and proven strategies as a multimillionaire entrepreneur, and her intuitive ability to connect with women on a deeper level, to uncover what’s blocking you from achieving your dream life. She’s a passionate female empowerment speaker and marketing sales specialist, responsible for more than a hundred million dollars in sales transactions. Tiffany’s zones of genius are helping women become financially free, through education, empowerment, and proven straightforward business strategies. This multi-millionaire entrepreneur went from a life of self-destruction to success, from abuse to abundance, despite the odds being entirely against her. Tiffany’s mission runs deeper than helping women create wealth; her bigger purpose is to help women find their worth.

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In This Podcast


  • Being raised by a narcissist
  • Co-dependency
  • Spiritual intervention
  • Loving yourself
  • Putting yourself first
  • Money mindset

Being raised by a narcissist

Tiffany was an only child, raised in the second wealthiest family in a wealthy community, by a single mom who was an entrepreneur. On the outside looking in, you would never have known her home was not safe. Tiffany was sexually abused from age 11-21 years old, her mom was aware of it and supported it. In order for Tiffany to stay safe and appease her mom, she developed this amazing self-confidence. But on the inside, she felt that she didn’t deserve to live.


Everything was about the other person first, for pure survival.

When you are raised by a toxic person, narcissist and addict, in order to survive that, everything you do in order to get love and attention, you make everything about the other person. Tiffany was not allowed to have any feelings and she was people-pleasing. She surrounded herself with toxic people, recreating that childhood trauma to the point that she wanted to end her life.

Spiritual intervention

Tiffany had always thought that God forgot about her. 5 years ago on her birthday, she was matter-of-factly talking to herself and saying that she was going to end her life, but if there was some reason she shouldn’t do this, that she be sent a very clear sign. Without remembering how, she ended up in a recovery room of a 12 step program for adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families. This was enough to give her a sliver of hope to not end her life.

Loving yourself

What’s important is that I love myself and the God of my understanding loves me.

There is no way around pain, you have to walk through it and you should not do it alone. It is scary and it will bring you to your knees, but this is what you need to do in order to start working on your self-worth. When you truly love, accept, and embrace yourself even if someone else doesn’t love you, this is true self-worth. When you get to this point, this is when you release yourself from co-dependency.

Putting yourself first

We are the most exceptional project and person in our lives, and it’s selfish to not put yourself first because if you don’t:

  1. You’re lying and not being honest
  2. It’s manipulative, this is what people-pleasing is

Live the life you want to live

In our daily consistent choices and actions, that is where we create the life of our dreams. The little things we do every day adds up.

Live with intent.

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Meet Veronica Cisneros

Veronica Cisneros | Empowered And Unapologetic Podcast

I’m a licensed therapist and women walk into my office every day stressed and disconnected. As a mom of three daughters, I want my girls to know who they are and feel confident about their future. I can’t think of a better way to help other women than by demonstrating an empowered and unapologetic life.

So I started  Empowered and Unapologetic to be a safe space for women to be vulnerable and change their lives for the better before she ever needs to see a therapist.

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